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Flavia Cecilia - Rheumatoid Arthritis

"I didn't trust the treatment with high doses of vitamin D! Throughout my more than 30 years of conventional treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis, I went through some disappointments trying alternative treatments. A friend of mine, who has Spondylitis, had to insist with me for over a year, until I decided to try the treatment with high doses of vitamin D. I confess that I still didn't believe when I scheduled an appointment with a doctor that follows the Coimbra Protocol, but I went to my appointment ... Only after that I really started to research the subject, I had many doubts but I was eager to be free of the side effects of conventional drugs, even if only for a short period. I liked my appointment a great deal, and I soon discovered something, perhaps something important to "convince" those who do not believe: unlike other treatments considered alternative, the use of high doses of vitamin d for autoimmune control is done with a protocol; there are conclusive studies about its effectiveness in all parts of the world and the various doctors who prescribe it, trust and also closely monitor their patients. Dr. Cicero's protocol is in existence for more than 10 years, and the success/improvement testimonies only increase. In our groups we know all this, but to the outsider it's difficult to believe or understand and it must be said to them: Treatment with vitamin D is NOT alternative, NOT just a treatment of fashion and also NOT miraculous. There are studies, there is a protocol, there is the monitoring of doctors who know what they are prescribing ... And it's safe! All conventional treatments that I tried were always effective in ridding me of the pain, but they never prevented the progress of my disease, the deformities, not to mention the side effects. I have had osteoporosis and because of that I have a total hip replacement (left) - now I have osteopenia and I'm improving my calcium levels and doing exercises, I believe I will get rid of it. After the treatment with vitamin D, my lab tests are getting better - including the indicators of inflammation - and my body confirms this ... I feel my movements are more loose, not as stiff, even with the limitations that I have ... I can feel my joints. .. I do not feel the creaking, heavy movements ... I feel free, different, and well!" <3 VITAMIN D!" Flavia Cecilia is been on the protocol since August, 2015.

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