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Juliana Vinagre - Multiple Sclerosis

This is Juliana Vinagre, who was diagnosed with MS 16 years ago, in 2000. After her diagnosis she took avonex and had many corticosteroids sessions, for she had an average of 4 relapses a year. Finally, in February of 2006 she began following the Coimbra Protocol. It's been more than 10 years since Juliana started treating her MS exclusively with high doses of vitamin D, and here is a post she has shared recently on her Instagram page: julianavinagre💦 Practicing a sport can change us, rescue us, strengthen us, enhance us, entertain us ... Today i am happy because I chose swimming, 🏊🏼 my greatest passion ❤️! And I was able to get here only because I had the great fortune of finding the treatment with high doses of vitamin D and following it since February/06. Gradually, the sport became much more than just a way of rehabilitation for me, it became the place where I have found myself and reinvented myself, because I had the ability to rethink my choices and value everything I can do now, and not focus on what I left behind. Life always gives us the opportunity to turn around. To me, practicing a sport definitely shortens my path to happiness!!!

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