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Daniel Cunha - Multiple Sclerosis

This is Daniel Cunha, a journalist who has MS and has produced the video " Vitamin D - for an alternate therapy." Daniel has been on the Coimbra protocol for 7 years and this is an update on how his treatment is progressing. "My name is Daniel Cunha, I'm 30 years old and was diagnosed with MS at the end of 2009 after a major flare up, with a variety of neurological symptoms. I was admitted to the hospital, took corticoids and recovered completely after about a month and a half.

Then, on the recommendation of several doctors, I began the conventional treatment with weekly injections of Avonex. It was terrible. I experienced many side effects at each application, I used to lose two days every week because I felt so ill from the medication, and I went into a depression because I saw the possibilities for the future diminishing day by day. In May 2010, my mother learned of the treatment with high doses of vitamin D after watching an interview with Dr. Cicero Coimbra, and she inisisted that I schedule an appointment with him. I went without any expectations, but I left in awe of everything he told me in respect to the power of vitamin D. I started the treatment immediately, and about two months later, I stopped the injections of the conventional treatment. I'm familiar with the experiences of many other patients that after starting this treatment and feeling its effects on themselves, have also felt the need to share this knowledge. And I'm enjoying being able to use my training as a journalist to do this, just as I have enjoyed very much producing a documentary and giving interviews about my treatment to the media and social networks. Now, six years after I've started to take vitamin D, I could not be better. I haven't had any more relapses or new symptoms, and I'm doing all that I was afraid of not being able to do while I was taking Avonex. I am absolutely convinced that vitamin D in high doses is an infinitely better option than the medications provided by the pharmaceutical industry and endorsed by most of the medical community worldwide."

Daniel's video is available on the Page "Book & Videos".

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