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Alessandra Fanton - Crohn's Disease

This is Alessandra Fanton, whose son, Caesar, started having the first symptoms of Crohn's Disease in 2011, when he was 7 years old. Alessandra has recently shared this post with the FB Brazilian groups, and kindly allowed us to share it in our site. "With immense gratitude to God, today we are celebrating 2 years with the High-Dose Vitamin D Protocol, which my son, currently 12 years old, begun on December 2014. In addition to the control tests coming back with great results, today we received the results for the calprotectin test, an important marker of Crohn's Disease. It is considered normal up to 50ug/ml and my boy's levels are 23ug/ml! It is an incredible victory for him, who follows his healthy diet, feels no more pain and has completely normal bowel movements again. Today, he only follows the Protocol with high doses of vitamin D, takes probiotics, some other vitamins - all natural !!! He has not used immunosuppressants since April of 2015, and stopped taking corticosteroids in the beginning of 2016. I feel profoundly grateful to Life, and my gratitude to Dr. John Paul is forever. He is a doctor in the broadest sense of the word, always showing so much dedication, compassion and hospitality. He is a tireless researcher and I thank God every day for pointing Dr. John Paul to my son. He not only saved my son's life by diagnosing him correctly (after three years of many tests and of almost losing him, with dozens of other doctors asking the wrong questions), but he is also one of the few doctors in the world who is qualified to apply Dr. Coimbra's Protocol for autoimmune diseases. The rewards always come, we just have to fulfill our responsibilities, calm our hearts, exercise our faith and our hope, making sure that every day that passes is a day of evolving and healing for our spirit. God bless and protect Dr. John Paul, enlightening him to accomplish everything he needs, deserves and desires every day! Thank you forever!"

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