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Gabriela Ardanaz - Devic's Disease

This is Gabriela Ardanaz, a patient from Argentina who was diagnosed with Devic's disease 4 years ago. Devic is considered a "cousin" of MS, but more aggressive, with a prognostic of blindness and/or paralysis in 5 years. Gabriela started following the Coimbra Protocol 3 years ago; here's a post she has just shared with the FB group "Esclerosis Múltiple Latinoamérica - Altas Dosis de Vitamina D", and kindly allowed us to share it on our site. "Hello group, it has been 4 years since my Devic's diagnosis - "cousin" disease to multiple sclerosis. Before I started high doses of vitamin D, I had two relapses that left me with half my body paralyzed, optic neuritis in the left eye with reduced vision, and severe neuropathic pain. Also fatigue, dizziness, weakness. I could not walk a block. Without mentioning the fear, depression, and emotional instability. That year was the dark night of my soul. Then, I heard about the protocol. I started it 3 years ago. After 6 months I had returned to work, and my vision and motor skills were back to normal. Today I live alone in Buenos Aires, I'm independent as I have always been.The only thing that didn't reverse is the neuropathic pain, which I now treat with cannabis oil. I never doubted that the vitamin D protocol would be. my definite treatment. I just got Dr. Frischling email with the results of my latest MRI: From: Eduardo Frischling <> To: gabriela ardanaz <>Posted: Tuesday, November 29, 2016 20:01:51Subject: Re: MRI Report'Hello Gabriela,I'm happy with your improvements. The MRI is perfect !!!! No new lesions, no contrast enhancement in any lesion, and no thickening of the optic nerve. All this indicates that Devic is in remission.'My kidney ultrasound also shows everything is perfect with kidneys and urinary tract. THIS PROTOCOL IS THE BEST OPTION!There is no way or words to thank Dr. Cicero, who should be awarded with a Nobel, Dr. Eduardo Frischling, my doctor, in whose hands I put my health and who has supervised me with such great care, and so many members of the protocol groups, who in those 3 years have been my partners in this journey, crying and thrilled with each testimonial.Thank you."

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