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Rui Bernardo - Lyme Disease

Hi everyone, with so many people asking me to tell my story (it’s a success story…that’s why lol), let me make a long story short (well not that short lol)…here it goes. In 1997 I started to have some weird dizziness, vertigo and lack of focus. It came out of nowhere, I was absolutely fine before that, but it was enough for me to skip school for a couple of months. It eventually got better but the symptoms last for 2 or 3 more years (still have some of that today…unfortunately). A few years later, in 2004, I started to feel some heaviness in my arms and tingling in my hands. Went to the doctor and did all kinds of tests…nothing! They just told me it was probably some problem in my neck or something, but the MRI showed nothing special. And they added…”maybe it’s stress…here’s some drugs to help you with that.” Antidepressants of course. The problem didn’t go way of course, nor the drugs helped…my problem was not mental!!! This went on for years and years, all kinds of doctors, spine problems, mental problems, RA, ear problems (because of the dizziness), you name it… I’ve had it all (or so they said). In 2011, because I’m a consultant and work in different countries, I was assigned to go to Africa to participate in a big project in banking. All good but to go there you have to take some shots/vaccination: typhoid fever; yellow fever…etc., 5 in total. It’s mandatory so…no chance in skip it. I felt terrible at the time…headaches, nausea, urticaria, dizziness, brain fog…terrible! But, off I went to Africa. Though I was not feeling so good, the project ended well and I was sent back home. A few months later, in 2012, I had a bad relapse, arms and legs got increasingly weaker, terrible dizziness and vertigo, and I rushed to the doctor. MRI’s, blood tests, whatever…results: several lesions in the brain, 2 in the spine. Diagnose: MS. Didn’t do the spinal tap, and all other tests were normal, except for some heart block that they didn’t associate with nothing (and they should have…I’ll explain later). Ok ok…so it’s finally a diagnose…so, it’s better than nothing. The problem was that it was the wrong one! Started immediately with DMD (Avonex) once a week. Felt horrible!! I was getting worse and worse…had 2 more bad relapses (more than in the previous 16 years!), had double vision, lost hearing from one ear…really bad. I was always complaining to my doc but she said it was the secondary effects from the Avonex, and actually increased the dose!!! (to Rebif). At this time I was almost not walking, was swollen and full of pain. I couldn’t work and lost my job because of that. So finally I had enough!!! Stopped immediately with the DMD’s and researched, researched, researched. By this time I had developed Bell’s palsy and chronic urticaria (idiopathic). My research (this is 2014) ended in the Coimbra Protocol. I saw a light of hope in there and went for it. There was a Protocol Doctor in Porto, Portugal (there were so few in 2014) and I went there. Started with 70K and all other vitamins and supplements. After a week my energy came back! After a month my pain went away! After 2 month my legs and arms seemed more operational…and one year later I was walking normally with much less dizziness!!! After 2 years something strange happened. Because of the chronic urticaria I was seeing a dermatologist. He asked me what were my initial symptoms…since the beginning (1997) and if I ever had some flu like symptoms before that. I told him the symptoms and that in 1996 I had a strange flu, with high fevers and muscle pain. Never had flu before or after that. He asked me if I ever heard of Lyme’s disease and was tested for that. I told him no, but I had a test on borrelia (ELISA) that came out negative. So he sent a mail to a German Lab and told me to go there to run some tests.

Went there…the result: Lyme’s disease, Yersinia, some virus (herpes family), etc…and already some immunosuppression! It was a total shock!!! So many years and it was that?! And the 2.5 years on interferon? Did nothing? And he replied: “Oh yes it did…it almost killed you, that’s what it did…it was suppressing your immune system so bad that it’s a miracle that you survived!” What about the Protocol? Should I keep doing that, I asked? Absolutely!!!, he replied…it probable saved your life as it regulated your immune system to fight the bacteria and the autoimmune process that by this time is already established. So keep on doing that and some more stuff. The results: I’m back running!!! Playing Tennis!!! Have a successful consulting Business! Minor dizziness…no more pain, no more brain fog, no more lack of energy. I’m a new man!!! If you ask me if the Protocol works…give it time (I’m on it for almost 3 years), and you will see wonderful results. IT WORKS!!! I feel so good I don’t care about MRIs anymore...i just feel good, that’s enough for me. Ok there’s some issues…I still have some minor symptoms, but I was almost not walking and now I’m playing tennis!!! Yes, sometimes I have some joint and bone pain, but it’s probably because of the high doses of vitamin D require adjustments (like magnesium) that I have to make. Overall, it’s great to be in this protocol…nothing else worked for me. So, I hope this gives hope to all of you that are starting the Protocol…just believe and you’ll get there for sure. I’ll pray that everything works out for you as it has worked for me.

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