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Yara Correa - Multiple Sclerosis

I have been a patient of Dr. Cícero Coimbra for almost eight years and I follow the protocol to the letter. I got to him in deplorable conditions, with vision loss in the left eye (saw only 20%), speech problems, poor concentration, a terrible tingling throughout the body, trigeminal neuralgia, incoordination in the left arm and leg, spasticity, and the most serious symptom of all: a strong vertigo that afflicted me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I could not go to the bathroom alone, and even when I used the walls for support, I almost always fell. It was an indescribable feeling of falling in an elevator shaft, only backwards and with everything turning around me. The dizziness was such that I could not turn my head, or myself, when I was lying in bed. In short, I lived months in this situation, taking the darn Copaxone, that besides not fulfilling its promises was giving me terrible side effects.

So I decided to consult with Dr. Cícero and put all my hopes on something that seemed very sensible to me. And since the day of my consultation, a sunny future began to shine on my horizon, and a new story began for me. That day, Dr. Coimbra, with great humility but also with great confidence, looked into my eyes and said: The nightmare is over, Yara. You'll no longer have problems with multiple sclerosis. The improvements came slowly, and exactly seven months after my consultation I started to improve significantly. I started to take some steps alone, in the beginning I felt so bad and so tired by the effort that sometimes I had to spend a whole week resting, without leaving my house. But I did not give up and in the next week I'd start all over again. And again, again and again. I knew my recovery also depended on my emotional balance and my effort to improve. It was not easy, but I got it. Months later I was able to walk seven kilometers a day, alone and fast. Now, all my motor problems have disappeared, the only thing that remains is a strong ringing in both ears - more intense in the left. But let's say I have learned to live with this.

In some months I will have an appointment with Dr. Coimbra so I am already preparing all the exams - some of the results are ready, the ones that I did on my own. I am here to share them with you guys so that you can overcome any doubt about the efficacy and safety of this Protocol. I take 100,000 IU a day since I first started my treatment.

- The MRI, compared to Jan/07/11 (all my previous MRI's were missed at the hospital where I was diagnosed with MS) confirms that "THERE IS NO DISEASE ACTIVITY";

- Bone Density Scan (DEXA) is absolutely normal;

- Renal/urinary tract ultrasound shows a simple renal cyst (no complications), but it has nothing to do with the treatment (it's there since my adolescence).

A final message to those who are starting now on the protocol: patience, patience, and when you think you have found enough patience, find more. Emotional control is very important in this treatment, even amid all the difficulties that a disease like MS brings. EMOTIONAL BALANCE can make all the difference in our recovery. Everything has its time, each patient has its own pace, and it is important to let vitamin D reach its maximum effect - which can take several months. Above all, let's try to live with joy and gratitude, and remember that obstacles make us grow.

A strong hug,


P.S.- The protocol only requires elimination of dairy products and nothing else. Other foods (even when rich in calcium) can be eaten in moderation (!!!). I do not follow a gluten-free diet or any other one. I do not take K2. I always keep my 24-hour urine calcium test in 100-150 mg per liter (upper limit 250 mg per liter) and everything has been fine year after year. I am healthier than I have ever been.

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