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Kory Correno - Multiple Sclerosis

Hello, my name is Kory Carreño, I am from Lima / Peru, and had my first MS symptoms in 1999. I went from one doctor to another, always ending up in psychiatrists, until I had half of my body paralyzed in 2004 and, after an MRI, the doctors said I possibly had MS. They did not prescribe any treatment, and after several weeks I ended up losing function of the other half of my body. I was a quadriplegic, I was admitted to the hospital and received 1000 mg per day of methylprednisone for 15 days - dose sufficient to lead to death. I was Just devastated. At that time I was living in Bolivia and they sent me back to Peru because in Bolivia they knew nothing about the disease. In Peru they treated me with AVONEX for three years. Besides the side effects, I had 3 to 4 had relapses per year, and it used to take me 2 to 3 months to recover, and hence came another relapse. I was very tired, but I kept going for my son. This medication only hurt me, my body created a resistance to the interferon, and its use has caused me leukopenia (reduction in the number of leukocytes in the blood) and my hemoglobin dropped to 6.7, that is, I became anemic. The doctors discontinued the treatment and I had more relapses, one after the other without interruption. I began to despair because I started to be dependent on a wheelchair, I needed a probe to feed me and a cervical collar to keep my neck up. Doctors disillusioned me, but I refused to accept that I had to stay that way. With the help of friends I traveled to the US in search of a clinical trial, but they said that I had to use Copaxone. to buy this medication we had to do many fund-raises, etc. With copaxone I had a relapse a year for two years, I got a little stronger and started searching the internet. But the drugs I used all those years caused me cervical cancer, I got my uterus removed, and thank God the cancer was eliminated, but I had another big relapse. In 2012 I met a patient with MS who told me about the Vitamin D Protocol (thank God, who is always behind everything bringing Angels to our lives, because He loves us more than anything in the world!) And through this person I met Yara Correa, a patient from Brazil, and she introduced me to this INCREDIBLE Protocol. I watched Dr. Cicero's videos and realized that that was what I was looking for. I could not believe it was exactly what I had asked the Lord Jesus: that I could stop mistreating my body with chemicals and not experience side effects anymore, no longer inject cortisone, no longer have relapses and leave my son at home without knowing if or how I'd return. I was blessed to have friends and family who moved heaven and earth for me to travel to Sao Paulo, and Yara offered me all the support I needed in Brazil. With 8 months of treatment I was very happy and stopped the injections (Copaxone). No relapses and many improvements. Unfortunately the doctors found two tumors in my ovaries, which due to negligence they had not removed in the previous surgery. When I was hospitalized, Dr. Cicero (through Yara) was always attentive. I continued taking my dose of 60,000 IU per day and my multivitamins. Everything went well, the 2 tumors were benign, and the most FABULOUS thing of all was that I had no relapses. after 9 months of treatment I got married! After 5 years of treatment, I'm now enjoying life with my family, and many of my disabilities have disappeared.I can go horse riding, I can walk alone, without support, lead a normal life without pain, and I do not wake up tired in the morning. Blessed vitamin D and Dr. Cicero. I had a friend who died as a result of various experimental treatments for patients with MS, and they are so harmful that they can lead to death. That's why now I want everyone to know about this protocol. I wish my friend had a little bit of the luck I had, but God knows all things. I tried everything that was "natural" before this Protocol: bees' stings, raw diet, other diets, but I can tell you that Dr. Cicero Coimbra and the Vitamin D Protocol were placed by God to save lives and we have to announce it to the world.

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