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Nayra Basilio - Multiple Sclerosis

This is Nayra Basilio, one of the first patients of Dr. Cicero Coimbra. Nayrawas diagnosed with MS 17 years ago, when she was 10 years old. She has now been on the Coimbra Protocol for 14 years. Before she started the protocol, Nayra had 2 or 3 flare ups a year. Nayra's testimonial is on the book "Multiple Sclerosis and (lots of) Vitamin D."

In the testimonial, her mom says: "In the beginning of 2015, Dr. Cicero requested MRIs so we could compare them to the previous images. And what a good surprise it was, for all the lesions on her brain and spinal cord were gone! There was only a small, almost imperceptible lesion on the brain. It’s so sad that most doctors seem determined to remain in ignorance when it comes to this treatment. Whenever possible, I talk about Nayra’s experience with vitamin D to people with MS and to everyone who has an autoimmune disease."

Nayra stopped all conventional drugs for MS as soon as she started the Coimbra Protocol. Today, she takes 60,000IU daily of vitamin D.

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