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Katherine Alexandre - Vitiligo and Myasthenia Gravis

This is Katherine Alexandre, diagnosed with vitiligo in 2000 and with myasthenia gravis in 2010. Until 2014 she used to take 80 mg of corticoids and 150 mg of azathiprine and immunoglobulin - 7 bottles a week - to treat both conditions. In March of 2014 she started following the Coimbra Protocol, and she just sent us this message and pictures, telling us about her progress. The picture where she is holding the baby is from before starting treatment with vitamin D, the other pictures are recent ones from the same arm and leg. Katherine was able to stop all conventional drugs 2 years ago. In her message, she says: "I started treatment with 70,000 IU and now I'm taking 150,000 IU a day. I'm having such good results with both diseases, vitiligo improved a lot and symptoms of myasthenia gravis are gone. Now I don't need any conventional medication anymore, and I feel great. I feel better with each passing day."

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