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Dr. Paulo Faria - Multiple Sclerosis

This is Paulo Faria, a General Practitioner who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2014. He has just shared this in the Brazilian FB group "Esclerose Multipla - O Tratamento" and kindly allowed us to publish it on our website.

"I have been a doctor as well as a patient with Multiple Sclerosis since 2014. Three years of diagnosis, and two and a half years of Vitamin D!! Two and a half years full of health and no disease activity, no demyelination, no symptoms, no neurological changes, only changes for the better!

Because my diagnosis made me change my habits, change my way of seeing life, my way of seeing my profession, today I am a different person, better than before, more active, healthier, incomparable with the Paulo I used to be. All thanks to Vitamin D and multiple sclerosis itself, which has helped me to appreciate small things that usually go unnoticed in our day to day. When you look at the future and see only darkness, and then see a light at the end of the tunnel called vitamin D, this is the best gift that a person with this diagnosis can receive.

Today I am a protocol doctor and it is with immense gratitude that I do this and that I help to advance this treatment to people who need to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that it's called vitamin D!

Thank you Dr Cicero for giving me my life back and for giving me knowledge, for making me able to do good to others as you did to me and to all those patients who now have access to your protocol."

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