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Juliana Rodrigues - Multiple Sclerosis - Breastfeeding and the Coimbra Protocol

Juliana Rodrigues has been on the Coimbra Protocol for almost 2 years. In this recent post she gives very helpful information to pregnant women. Juliana found out she had MS at the same time she found out she was pregnant, and immediately started the treatment with high doses of vitamin D. She does not take conventional medications. "Guuuuys ... What an intense and cool appointment... The doctor went through a detailed retrospective of how I was and my eyes are tearing up to remember everything that has happened. After my clinical exam he compared the results with last year and I was reminded of everything I couldn't do and now can. He congratulated me on my discipline and dedication in following the treatment and the diet, and said I'm doing a beautiful job. Then he compared the MRIs ... An important lesion I had in the brain regressed so much that didn't even appear in the MRI, I have no new lesions and the ones that remained in the brain are not active. The one in the spinal cord is still there, inactive He said that the lesions in the spinal cord are always slower to heal. He thinks the numbness in my left hand is a permanent damage, but that it could still improve when the lesion in the spinal cord heals. He kept the dose, 80,000 units daily. Kidneys are working perfectly! 😊 Regarding BREASTFEEDING: We can breastfeed even with the inclusion of baby food, but we should stop the breast milk when industrialized milk formula is introduced, since that is highly enriched with calcium. He said it is not common for patients in the protocol to have relapses even when we stop breastfeeding and our hormones fall. Relapses are common for women in this stage when they follow the conventional treatment. ATTENTION: You should stop breastfeeding only when introducing the industrialized formula because it is usually enriched with calcium! Always talk to a pediatrician. The doctor also made an important remark: Do not miss the scheduled appointments. Some patients go to the first visit and don't return. He warned that we should never keep following the protocol without updating the prescriptions with the doctor, so that he can check for the correct dose and tests' results. That's it my people. Thanks for everything, for being like family to me, for answering my questions, for talking to me about the disease, and even chatting with me on Whatsapp about our daily challenges. Thank you !!!! Onward !!!!"

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