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Wesley Princesval - Multiple Sclerosis

This is Wesley Princesval, who was diagnosed with MS six years ago and has been on the Coimbra Protocol for 4 years. He just posted this video in one of the Brazilian groups and kindly allowed us to publish it in our page:

"I must share this achievement with you!

This weekend, I married my oldest daughter. I was a father at age 19, so it happened so early. I am a young man of 43 years. I left some dreams behind when I became a father at such young age, but I was also able to pick myself up and raise her successfully! Thank God, my parents, my wife and my brother, who helped me so much!

I have had MS for six years, and I have been doing the COIMBRA PROTOCOL (Yayyyyy) for four years now. Thanks to Dr Danilo Finamor, I was able to walk steadily and confidently in this beautiful moment. My previous problems were barely noticeable!

To you who are starting the protocol now, a little message: have faith and dedication. This is the result of a lot of discipline. The improvements are slow but precious!

God bless you, vitamin D people!" You can see Wesley's video here:

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