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Arelyz Torres - Myasthenia Gravis

Arelyz Torres has myasthenia gravis and started the Coimbra Protocol one year ago. She has recently posted this in the FB Spanish group "Protocolo Coimbra - Esclerosis Múltiple y otras Enfermedades Autoinmunes" and kindly allowed us to share it with you:

"Hello everyone!! I am Arélyz.

This video was made yesterday. (Sep 5, 2017). In the next I'll record the audio, I did not take it into account.The light on the stairs did not catch on, no idea why, it was a few seconds. I want to show you my progress.I have always been able to walk a few blocks, still living with Myasthenia Gravis, except for the moments of crisis, in which I have been practically paralyzed, but before I began to feel the positive effects of the protocol, I used to feel very bad when I walked, and I've had MG for 30 years! Now I have increased the number of blocks I can walk without feeling bad. Going up and down stairs has always been one of my biggest nightmares - as for some of you. Before I could not do it, I could go up or down about 3 stories, but feeling really sick, leaning on the walls and railings or leaning on someone, and even sitting sometimes to rest. Now I can go up and/or down 3 floors without feeling sick, with confidence and speed; I feel safer also when I walk, this is a first in 30 years! Before I used to do everything at the pace of a snail, or as my husband says, "like a cat on the prow".I think this is a reason for all of us to be happy and feel hopeful. P.S. For all those who are starting the Coimbra Protocol, remember that IT IS A PROCESS, not an instant "miracle", so much patience, perseverance and emotional balance. A hug to all, Arelyz Torres Rodríguez" You can watch Arelyz's video here:

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