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Reb. D. M. - Multiple Sclerosis

This is Reb D., diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2009 and following the Coimbra Protocol since 2012. The text is a post from 2014 in the Brazilian group "PROTOCOLO COIMBRA - Vitamina D para Esclerose Múltipla e Doenças Autoimunes", the picture in tne snowboard is an update she made yesterday to her original post. This is one of the most beautiful testimonies ever shared in our groups . "2017: The Post is from 2014, the last 2 photos and the video are from 2017! I wish health, faith in your God, persistence, hope, love and gratitude to all! 2014: Hello! Good night and nice to meet you!! I feel compelled to take a few minutes and tell you my story ... it's long so I'll try my best to be brief! In 1984 my mother had her first MS relapse (I was 1 year old and she had had a fight with my father, from whom she divorced in 86) . In 1993 my mother, then 32, was diagnosed ... In 1997, at age 36, she retired for disability and began to torture herself because she did not accept the disease. Married to a doctor, she became aware of everything that could happen to her, and she gave herself up. They separated, and she tried suicide many times ... In 2005, at the age of 44, she found herself stuck to a wheelchair, her days consisted basically of waking up, drinking, taking medicine to go to sleep, and devise a plan to no longer suffer ... She tried suicide many times, thank God she never succeeded (sometimes by very little). The whole family and I suffered a lot, she had moments of happiness, but they were few, life was cruel and in September 2010 she rested ... It was while she slept, her countenance was light, I hope and I believe that at least in this hour she was not suffering. In 2009, exactly one year before her passing I was diagnosed with MS ... Yeah... for a few minutes, maybe hours or maybe days (I do not remember the details) I figured my life was over in that instant, I felt like my mother. I had had, I believe, the worst example of the course of this disease. After the scare, I remembered God and I was sure that He had some purpose and that maybe it would show me that it could be different. That's what I clung to, and my boyfriend (who would become my husband in 6 months) gave me full support and comfort. To my family I pretended to be doing well and avoided the topic. By the way, that's what I've always done! I did not want to be the victim and most of the people who live with me do not know (or did not know) that I have MS! I started with Rebif, it was horrible because the medication did not let me forget my new companion, and fear visited me daily. My doctor at the time asked me if I wanted children and recommended that I be quick and only one. I was not married yet, my boyfriend and I were not thinking about children ... It was a SHOCK ... Being a mother, it was a dream for me, just like it is for many women ... I suffered, I was afraid, but my boyfriend stood firm with me. We got married in April 2010. It was an intense year, I had 5 relapses that year and after my mother died, my doctor changed the medication. I then started using Copaxone, with copaxone I could get pregnant without risk, if I wanted to. In August 2011 I got pregnant! The doctor reassured me that during pregnancy women with MS have don't have relapses, the danger is in the postpartum, he said. It went very well until the eighth month, when I had a relapse. In that same week my godparents emailed me the video "Vitamina D - Por Uma Nova Terapia (Vitamin D - For a New Therapy). I watched and by the end of it, I was exhausted from crying. It was that those people understood me, they knew what I was going through! I showed it to my husband and at the same day he called Dr. Cicero Galli Coimbra's office, he had a waiting list that even to this day only keeps growing, but my husband spoke of my situation, 8 months pregnant and having a relapse, and Dr. Coimbra made an exception. On the day of my appointment, my life changed! Dr. Cicero gave me back my future, my life, my hope! She was frail and with the greatest fear in the world, my little inner girl. Fear of not knowing what the future would bring, of being blind, or invalid. I had FEAR, it was just what I felt. I started treatment with Vitamin D. Nicole, my first daughter, was born in May 2012! Perfect, beautiful, healthy! I began to count the months without relapses and gradually I realized that some problems I had had since my first relapse, like a lessened feeling in both hands and feet, were gone. In September of 2013 a SURPRISE! It was PREGNANT again! I was expecting twins! At this stage I no longer remembered the existence of MS ... And in consultation with Dr. Cicero he told me about the power of vitamin D in increasing fertility too! My daughters were born with 38 weeks in June 2013, perfect, beautiful, healthy! In May of 2014, Dr. Coimbra told me my disease was 100% under control!!! I am, and I feel, completely HEALED! AND HAPPY! FEAR? Yes I have! Of making mistakes in the raising of my daughters, of lacking something for my little ones, of them getting hurt ...I THINK OF MS AS SOMETHING OF THE PAST, I'M HAPPY, A MOTHER OF 3 BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS, WITH A WONDERFUL HUSBAND, AND I'M ALSO A SURFER!!! THANK YOU to everyone who has dedicated this time to read my story, I hope it helps to renew hope!THANK GOD, who placed in my path and in the world, vitamin D and Dr. Cicero Coimbra, and who gave him the gift of medicine and honesty!Thank you to my family!I WISH ALL MUCH HEALTH!" The original post was published in a closed FB group, you can access the post only if you join the group:

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