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Carla Leticia - Multiple Sclerosis

This post was published a year ago by Carla Leticia, a patient of Dr. Coimbra who has MS and has been following the protocol for four years. She has just updated this post with the comment: "I'm doing great, I'm also supplementing vitamin D to my 4 year old son, who does not even know what it's like to be sick. The flu needs to be very strong for him to catch it, and the symptoms do not last longer than one day! I am increasingly impressed with the effects of vitamin D and how it enhances our immunity."

Here's her original post:

Yesterday, 05/24/16, was a very happy day! It was the day of meeting my greatest idol. No ... I did not go to some famous band show, nor to any media event. I went to another consultation with the best doctor in the world: Dr. Cícero Galli Coimbra!

Maybe only other patients can understand the love and admiration I feel for this guy, but know that this genius has revolutionized medicine and entered history.

As I climbed the steps of his office building, so many things went through my head that my heart almost jumped. I remembered the first time I went there, when I could not see well, could not walk or climb stairs without my father's help, I could not carry my son as he asked me to ... but I also remembered all the hundreds of testimonials from other patients who I had already read and many other stories of overcoming this disease, thanks to this genius of medicine.

On the eve of World MS Day, I had the opportunity to thank him, to tell him that I am a big fan, a member of a group of almost 17,000 people (a group that I am very proud to participate in), and give him a hug on behalf of all of us. It was not just a doctor's appointment. I felt like I was meeting a long-time friend of mine, someone who, in some strange way, knows me as nobody else does, understands my fears and my tears.

Only we know about the mad symptoms of MS, symptoms that the patients many times only describe as a relapse because they do not feel comfortable explaining what really happens to our bodies . Soon I will write in the group of patients with autoimmune diseases a testimony detailing all the information I received in this appointment, but for now the main message is: "Do not worry" and "Nothing is so terrible ". Do not let stress, anxiety and day-to-day problems create more lesions on your brain and spinal cord. Solve whatever you can solve and what can not be solved, well, darn. Let's relax more, we do not need to have control over everything.

He also asked me to talk about the importance of vitamin D supplementation for pregnant women. I'll talk about this in more detail in the group, the mothers that have MS and are in the protocol during pregnancy are having super healthy children, children with intelligence and development ahead of their age.

For now, this is my show of affection and gratitude to this genius, of which I am proud to be patient.

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