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Ricardo Dalfovo - 21 years with Multiple Sclerosis

This is Ricardo Dalfovo, diagnosed with MS 21 years ago and on the Coimbra Protocol since 2013: "My story with MS started in 1996, July, right after my birthday, on the 26th. I had a great party, and then I had a cold, and it did not get better, every day I kept getting worse. At the time I was working near my girlfriend's house, my wife now, and I used to walk to work, and I always thought "Wow, this flu is really strong, I'm kind of dizzy and out of balance." Only that sensation did not pass, it only got worse. After the loss of balance came the lack of motor coordination in the left leg and right hand, problems in vision and speech. As the days went by and I did not get better I went to see an ophthalmologist, he referred me to a neurologist. That's when I started to get worried. It was 1996, a neurologist in a very small town, can you imagine? But she orders some tests and I was referred to another doctor in Florianopolis. I was diagnosed with MS. The doctor did not explain to me right away what MS was, he just told me that I was sick and that I had to be hospitalized. I went straight to the hospital, took corticoids, stayed a week in the hospital. During that time I learned about MS. On leaving the hospital the neurologist told me the cares I should have: avoid the sun and physical exercises, etc. I continued taking corticoids for 45 days, in capsules, until the Betaseron arrived so I could start treatment. It was a wonder, as you can imagine... I got a high fever, I was shaking, sweating, a horrible feeling. The symptoms got better over time, but even so, it was 3 times a week, so the day I was getting better I was already taking another injection - it was bad all week. It was not easy to go to work that way, but what could I do? And everybody thought that I was exaggerating, that I was being lazy!!!! MS is a terrible disease! My MS symptoms slowly improved, but I had many limitations. After 10 months I changed to Rebif, same thing, side effects a little less intense, but bad as well. In 2006 I switched to Avonex only once a week, but intramuscular shots. I needed to go to work so I used to take the injection on Friday, with that my Saturdays were a total loss. In 2008 I switched to Copaxone, I was not happy to have to take shots every day but at least I had no side effects from flu-like symptoms, which was good, but the spots on the skin and the sores were getting worse and worse with the passing of the time. So in 2012 I learned about the vitamin D treatment through the internet, I saw Dr. Coimbra's videos, I joined groups and forums, I talked to several people and I decided to try. I had nothing to lose, had I? I started taking vitamin D on 02/02/2013 and soon felt improvements. I consulted with Dr. Danilo Finamor, from Dr. Coimbra's clinic. Fatigue soon diminished and my motor coordination improved. There were constant improvements, which at first was a shock to me, and then everything stabilized. Overall, I'm fine. I follow the diet very strictly, and I take my 2.5 liters of water every day. After 1 year of treatment I had an ice cream (my passion), but small, and ate a slice of cheese (not at the same day! =D ). Today, after more than 4 years on the Coimbra Protocol I lead a normal life, I do what I want, I compete in cycling, and I sunbathe whenever I can! I had a normal life before, few people knew I had MS, only closer friends, but I lived with those limitations that we all know. I had few relapses, if I am not mistaken, 4, but I believe that now with the vitamin D I will not have relapses anymore. Since 2013 I have started a new life, and I do not even think about stopping the vitamin D treatment, it has only brought me joy and benefits! It's a shame that some people speak ill of the treatment, and that they do not study it in depth. I went to a "specialist" once, and when I said I was taking vitamin D he just laughed, and only said bad things about it, but did not ask me if I was feeling good, if anything had changed in my life, he only focused on the traditional medicine, as neurologists always do. All I know is that I can say with all the words: THANK YOU DR. COIMBRA FOR THE VITAMIN D PROTOCOL, IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!!

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