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Shirley Talina - Multiple Sclerosis

"Sao Paulo, 7/21/17 My fourth appointment, 23 months since the first, when I met this angel, Dr Danilo Finamor, and I was crying, telling him about my numbness, imbalance, lack of motor coordination, hopelessness and a lot of fear for the future. Today all the tests' results are normal ... Force, balance, coordination ... "it does not look that you HAD MS", he said. And iof course I cried. I had not opened my MRIs, for fear. He opened ... praised the images ... and the reports were categorical: some lesions do not exist any longer. The biggest one is REGENERATING... in the brain there's only one of several left, very small. Great clinical exams as well. Calcium, kidney ... Diet and hydration are fine What to say? What can you feel??? GRATITUDE!!! GRATITUDE!!! GRATITUDE!!! I work in the health area, I have been a nurse for 37 years, I just graduated as a physical therapist ... I know what they teach about autoimmune diseases and how they treat those diseases and I can say: THEY ARE WRONG, COMMITTED TO THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY! COIMBRA PROTOCOL, high doses of Vitamin D - this is the solution and the real TREATMENT to those affected by immunological imbalances! I'M THE PROOF! God is faithful and wonderful! THANK YOU DR CICERO COIMBRA, for being brave! God be praised for your existence!"

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