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Dr. Maira Jann - Multiple Sclerosis

This is Dr. Maira Jann, a Brazilian General Practitioner who had her first symptoms of multiple sclerosis in 2005. Despite having MRIs done in 2005 that showed demyelinating lesions, Dr. Jann only received a conclusive diagnosis in 2012. By then she was experiencing vision problems, numbness and tingling in both arms and legs, and constant, inexplicable falls while showering or walking. Very shortly after confirming her diagnosis, she scheduled an appointment with Dr. Sergio Menendez, a physician from Dr. Coimbra's clinic. Dr. Jann started taking high doses of vitamin D in October of 2012. In four months, the paresthesias had disappeared, and she noticed she was not falling as often as before. She was so impressed with her improvements that during her second appointment, she decided to train with Dr. Coimbra and become a protocol doctor. This way, she would be able to help patients in Brazil's Southern region, which at the time only had two other doctors prescribing high doses of vitamin D. "It was the best professional decision of my life," says Dr. Jann,"the one that fulfills me the most. Nothing has offered me so much gratification in my medical career. We have to show doctors that vitamin D works. I see an incredible change in the quality of life of my patients, the return of hope to their lives. They know that I understand what they're going through because I went through the same thing myself. Conventional treatment is not the answer for us. Sometimes I think that I was diagnosed with MS just so I could meet Dr. Coimbra and be able to help so many other patients." Today, Dr. Jann works in a public clinic as well as in her private practice. She has had no further problems with MS and works 10 - 12 hours a day. "Almost always", she says, "in high heels". Dr. Jann's story and full testimonial can be found in the Brazilian book "Vitamina D e Esclerose Multipla", by Walter Feldman, M.D.

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