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Rafael Chinaglia - Multiple Sclerosis

This is Rafael Chinaglia, a well known journalist and TV reporter in Brazil. Rafael has MS and is following the Coimbra Protocol since 2012. "Almost 5 years later ... Friends, it is with great pleasure that I come here to talk about how my life is going, after almost 5 years of treatment with Vitamin D. Discovering the disease was not easy, as I'm sure it wasn't for you either. The first thing that came to my mind was "I will not have a future and my destiny will be to live in the care of my parents, because I will fade and I will not be able to do basic tasks in my daily life." I had a lot of dizziness, double vision, fatigue, constant forgetfulness and tingling all over my body. I lost the feeling on my hands. I could not feel anything I touched. I could not walk straight. It was a total imbalance. My speech was impaired. I, who have always been proud to have a good diction, because of my profession, I spent some time unable to articulate the words correctly. It was like I was chewing gum all the time. I was thinking something, but what I thought did not come out of my mouth. My speech was not as fast as my thoughts. Many of you have had the same symptoms, for sure. Until I started taking vitamin D in high doses. For the first 3 months, I felt nauseous, as the body was getting used to the dosage. But gradually I felt such a disposition that it seemed that I was someone else. That made me start to feel like living again. and as I lived each day without worrying about limitations, I was able to dream again. I began to respect my body more and treat it as my priority, since it must be well for me to be happy. The speech improved, the tingling stopped, the dizziness healed, the fatigue ceased, and the disposition increased. The result could only be one: go to work normally every day, I also went back to hiking, climbing and other adventure sports that always motivated me. I only remember MS when taking vitamin D. The biggest challenge of all of us is to maintain our emotional balance and try to not stress in the day to day. Without stress (or with controlled stress) it is possible to have a life as if we never knew about MS. Goodnight to everyone. God bless each one of you. And do not forget your Vitamin D!"

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