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Juliana M. - Multiple Sclerosis

This is Juliana M., a patient from Macedonia who has been on the Coimbra Protocol for 15 months. "Let me share... Everything started more than 15 years ago. But I did not know that. In a time of too much work and stress, in the middle of meetings I was suddenly loosing the ability to speak and move my left hand…. Oh, hell, was I getting a brain stroke at the age of 30? I started drinking traditional circulation rakia with krmus and in a few days, never happened again. At that time and perhaps before, I developed an awful gluten intolerance, needed a lot of time to discover it. Thought I had celiac disease and after eliminating it and taking lots of vitamins, in a couple of years I was fine again. I had an MRI done and one of the best neurologist in Macedonia saw changes in the white matter and directed me to further exams, but since I had eliminated gluten, I self-confidently decided there was no need. Ten years later…. Right foot, always the right, then my hand writing ( I cannot read it anymore ), felt awfully tired, unhappy, I knew something was wrong with me. I cannot remember many things, it is as if I have deleted the trash bin. I started talking as if I had dyslexia, (I am a simultaneous interpreter ), and suddenly I had to rush to the toilet. From being a person that could do 3 completely different things at the same time, suddenly I couldn't do one. Some times I felt I had a broken rib. A good Chiropractic from Bulgaria urged me to go and check myself, mentioning MS. When I went to the neurologist, she kindly asked me if I could stay in the hospital in order to make few control checks more easily. I am endlessly grateful for this. One hospital stay was followed by another, and I was worse. Corticosteroids did not help. the final verdict was MS. And everything was becoming worse. I could not use right hand, could not unlock the door, use my wallet, walk, think, listen. At the hospital I concluded that medications do not help the patients that use them. Now, I can follow a conversation, think and remember what I talked about. I can remember a phone number. I can walk to close destinations, my handwriting is coming back. I am not at a basic level of existence anymore: to eat, go to the toilet and to sleep. Life is coming back. And emotionally, mentally, I'm more balanced. Due to Protocol and the magical vitamin D. When I started the Protocol was deep down in the hole and all of this was like science fiction to me. Nine months ago I was not capable of reading, I would not have been capable of writing this. Now I know when I need to rest, I respect my body and when I have the strength, I tell my story to people with autoimmune disorders. Only fear can prevent them from finding this amazing help, this Magical Protocol."

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