Fabiana G. - Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

November 5, 2017


This is Fabiana Gurniak, who experienced her first MS symptoms in 1992. Her symptoms continued progressing and she received a wrong diagnosis of Devic's disease along the way, until she was finally diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis In 2012. Her full testimonial is on the book "Multiple Sclerosis and (lots of) Vitamin D".

Fabiana started following the Coimbra Protocol shortly after being diagnosed, and it's now been more than four years since she's been treating her PPMS exclusively with high doses of vitamin D.

This is her experience so far: "I still feel some of the symptoms, due to the lesions on my spinal cord, but everything is much improved. The blurred vision is completely gone, my left leg feels heavy sometimes but doesn’t 'lock' anymore, I can tolerate heat better than I used to, the incontinence problem is almost gone, and I can walk much better as well. 

As for my latest MRIs, the results are unbelievable. My large cervical lesions have completely disappeared! The comparison of these images with the previous MRIs is simply amazing. Two of the brain lesions have also disappeared, there was only one left, almost imperceptible. The thoracic lesions are reduced in size, and since I started the treatment, I have had no new lesions.
Because I still few some symptoms, in my last appointment my vitamin D dose was adjusted to 180,000 IU per day. I hope to keep improving. This treatment is effective and so easy to follow, especially when we consider what it gives us. I’ve gotten so much better, and with no side effects."

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