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Renata Horta - Multiple Sclerosis

This comment was posted last year by Renata Horta,in one of the Brazilian FB groups, with the image of her latest MRI.

"When I was diagnosed 2 years ago I had no doubt!!! I always trusted and I soon started the treatment with the high doses of vitamin D. It is very worth traveling if you have to, to consult with protocol doctor! I live in Belo Horizonte and I go to São Paulo. Initially the appointments are every 6 months, then once a year... the frequency decreases with time. It was a blessing in my life, I had weakness on one side of the body, lost feeling on the other and I lost the ability to write! After a year and a half of treatment my lesion does not exist anymore!!!!! Vitamin D It's a wonder! It's also important to be a positive, stress-free person! Success and health for all of us!"

Today, we sent a message to Renata asking how she's doing now, and here's her answer:

"Hello! Good afternoon! Everything's good! And with you? Wow!!!! I'm very well! I cannot even remember the disease anymore! It's already been 2 years and 4 months since my the first consultation! I had a return appointment after 2 years and there's no new lesions! The lesions on my cervical are almost imperceptible and some on the brain have disappeared! Life more than normal!!!! Now we are already planning to have a baby! I'm happy to share my story with people who are going through what I went through. I already convinced 4 people to start the protocol before they started the conventional treatment.. A big and tight hug!"

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