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C.A. - Multiple Sclerosis

These images were sent to us by a member of the FB group "Coimbra Vitamin D Protocol For MS & Autoimmune Disorders" who is following the Coimbra Protocol for 18 months for MS and wishes to remain anonymous. The MRIs are from Dec 2016 & Nov 2017, and the reports are from Nov 2017.

In her message she says: "While I started the protocol in Sept 2016, I’m 55 Kgs and only started on 20k with a Dr. who wasn’t on the list at the time. After seeing that nasty new active lesion in Dec 2016, the dose was increased and the following year all was stable!... Those were both on the same 3T machine so the comparison was pretty close! With the Ax T2 FLAIR they were the same slices. With the Sag FLAIR they didn't do the same amount in both studies so they were just a wee bit off. But I tried to keep all that pertinent info on the images."

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