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Mariana Ferreira - Ichtyosis

This is our first testimony of ichthyosis, shared by Mariana Ferreira. Ichthyosis is not considered an autoimmune disease, it's a genetic disease. Nevertheless, the results speak for themselves:

"Well, I have epidermolytic bullosa ichthyosis, it is not autoimmune, but after a study (link below) I found, I looked for a Coimbra Protocol doctor and started taking high doses of vitamin D 45 days ago. My improvement is so great! After 10 days of vitamins I could see results.

I'm talking about the protocol in a group of Ichthyosis that we have on WhatsApp and everybody is getting very interested.

I had not posted in this group yet because I was embarrassed,but I would like to pass it on to you so I can help other people too. These are photos of before and after 42 days of protocol. Maybe you do not see too much difference, but you can be sure that to me this is a great victory already!"


Original post: (to have acccess to the post you need to be a group member.)

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