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Ada Kerwin - Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

This is Ada Kerwin, who has primary progressive multiple sclerosis and has been on the Coimbra Protocol for 8 months. Ada published this post on the FB group "Coimbra Vitamin D Protocol For MS & Autoimmune Disorders" and kindly allowed us to share it with you:

"Hi All, I have PPMS and started the CP in May 2017 .. the effects have been nothing short of amazing. I've gone from; sitting all day, exhausted from the least amount of activity, inability to climb into my car without assistance, using a stair lift, having to lie down after showering to recover to; carrying out basic household tasks, little or no fatigue, climbing the stairs and attending a personal trainer twice a week. I started the protocol in May 2017 and thus started this incredible journey. I feel blessed to have found Dr. Coimbra and am looking forward to a symptom-free future."

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