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Andre Linn - Autoimmune Polyneuropathy

Post by Andre Linn (on the yellow board), who has autoimmune polyneuropathy and has been on the Coimbra Protocol for 5 months:

"This December, the beginning of my vacation, it is exactly 5 months since I started the Coimbra Protocol for autoimmune polyneuropathy. Two and a half months ago the symptoms were gone, and since then I have been enjoying - uninterruptedly - the feeling of having regained my professional and daily life. It is quite ironic, but for a long time I thought that I would not be able to return to a normal life due to the innumerable vicissitudes of being a carrier of an autoimmune pathology. The irony is still that we can clearly see the potential of Vitamin D in our body, and yet it's hard to believe that it's working and it keeps on working.

And I believe that this is the main point of this post: how often we perceive in ourselves the difficulty in believing that things are really improving, and that we are not just delusional. Now, as we have become accustomed to the conventional and orthodox medicine for the treatments available in autoimmune diseases, it is hard to believe that D3 + other vitamins will help.

Between one wave and another, I wondered if everything was really true: if I really was not having any more Polyneuropathy symptoms, and if the damn thing was gone. Shaking hands and stamping feet in the water, I concluded that it really is true! This hormone better known as Vitamin D can replace corticosteroids and Immunosuppressants! And so I have to believe.

Paradoxically, I am the nephew of 2 nephrologists who called me crazy when I said that I would take 70,000 IU of D3 daily (today 100,000 IU because the PTH is not low enough). Nowadays, they disagree when I show how I am, and they still argue that autoimmune diseases are like this: "they come and go". Nevertheless, they discredit my treatment blindly, because the Coimbra Protocol has no double blind studies.

Anyway, my goal is to encourage you to follow the treatment, even when the disease tries to return (with me there were some discreet and occasional relapses due to occasions of professional stress and exaggerated alcohol use at parties). I find this constant exchange of information in our groups very helpful in dealing with all the variables and all the "ups and downs" of our treatment. I have already solved many doubts about constipation and dizziness - small side effects when changing doses of vitamin D. I think we should never give up the habit of consulting the group for the doubts and experiences of others with autoimmune conditions, and use the experience of others to alleviate our anxiety and strengthen the direction of our treatment.

I leave my sincere embrace, and the wishes for high waves in Rio for 2018, with love and much health!!!!"

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