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Aline Luz - Multiple Sclerosis

Post by Aline Luz, a Brazilian MS patient who has been on the Coimbra Protocol for 4 years. The post was shared in the Brazilian group (link below) and Aline kindly allowed us to publish it on our page:

"Good evening!

This shows has vitamin D has worked for me. Thoracic MRI before starting treatment in 2014, and the same MRI with contrast this year, 2018! Four years of vit D... only health!

Folks! In my previous post many asked about the dose that I use and at what point I got better. I really did not remember many details... but I made an effort, and it was like this:

- I am a teacher, in 2014 I worked in the school where I still teach a high school class.

- The school was a big problem in my life, it was an endless stress.

- I believe that some 20 days before I started the protocol, I had to take corticosteroids and cyclophosphamide, which I used as an immunosuppressant.

- in early July/2014 I started the protocol but I really didn't believe in it, I say this because I had already used all that existed to control MS.

- Following the guidelines of the protocol and seeing no improvement in my condition, I decided to leave school.

- I had just been approved in the internal selection, to be coordinator of my discipline for the entire state of Parana. It was a big jump in my career. A week later I quit. That was October already.

- I saw no improvement in my walk. After I left the stressful job I finally began to pay more attention on my emotional balance and that's when things began to improve.

- In January/2015 I went to the return visit with my doctor, and I remember that I complained that I still had a bit of difficulty walking.

- At that time my master's degree institution called me, inviting me to start my doctorate. And then .... I started my doctorate, thinking that it would be wonderful. After all the treatment was already working and I thought I knew how to control myself emotionally. But it was a hard program and I had to deal with some difficult teachers, I was afraid I would not be able to walk perfectly, because the left side was still weak. So, from there I chose to focus even more in my emotional well-being!!! And then... in the middle of 2016 I was walking perfectly!

- This is how it is until today. When I work too hard or stress, I feel the weakest left leg or fatigue. Then I relax and take a break, I ask for help from other people, I change deadlines.

- it's difficult, I'm sure I still cannot control my emotions completely, and sometimes the amount of tasks I accept are greater than I can handle. But I'm working on it and I think I'll get there one day!

- And finally, to answer all your questions I take 65,000 IU daily, but this certainly does not matter since each patient has their own individual dose.

Kisses to all =)"

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