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Elizangela Lopes - Atopic Dermatitis

Post by Elizangela Lopes, sharing the results that her two year old niece is having after only 10 days with the Coimbra Protocol for atopic dermatitis:

"Good afternoon people! I would like to express our happiness with the already perceptible results, in such a short time, and to help other people who are going through the same suffering that we have gone through. My niece Valentina, only 2 years old, suffered a lot with ATOPIC DERMATITIS. It was a long journey with allergists and dermatologists ... No one could cure the problem or reduce it ... There were many medications ... even steroids were prescribed and nothing changed. We could no longer tolerate so much suffering ... she itched compulsively. The crises were more and more accentuated. It was then that through Internet searches, we became aware of the COIMBRA PROTOCOL. We were directed to look in our city for Dr. Mario Italo, a spectacular professional. Our first consultation was on 06/14/18 ... We received the necessary guidelines and began to follow them ... In such a short time of treatment we already noticed the improvement ... With the grace of God and the Protocol we are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.I will post more photos during the course of the treatment. We are from Olinda-PE."

The before pictures are from 6.14.18, the after pictures from 6.24.18

Here's the link to her original post, which was shared in a closed FB

Brazilian group.

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