Cristianee Sydney - Myasthenia Gravis

This is Cristianee Sydney, a patient with myasthenia gravis who has been following the Coimbra Protocol for 5 months. She shared this post in the Brazilian group (link below) and kindly allowed us to publish it on our page: "Good evening vitamin D people! Just passing to share with you my experience with the protocol, i's been 5 months, and my God how I am happy, I got much better, at least 60% of what I was before. I have lived with myasthenia gravis for 12 years and was no longer able to chew well, swallow, felt tired to the extreme, was taking mestinon every 3 hours but the medication was not helping, and now I'm taking only 3 a day and feeling really well! Only have to thank God, for having illuminated Dr Cícero Coimbra !! A lot of gratitude, a lot of joy!"