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Cleusa Falkenbach - rheumatoid arthritis

This is Cleusa Falkenbach, a patient with rheumatoid arthritis following the Coimbra Protocol for 3 years. Cleusa just published this testimonial in one of the Brazilian protocol groups and kindly authorized us to share it on our site.

“In May I completed 3 years with the Coimbra Protocol. It took several months until I started to feel the results of the treatment, and getting accustomed to the diet and water intake was also difficult for me. This group helped me a lot with several tips, and encouraged me to persist when I was impatient waiting for the improvement of RA symptoms. Now I've been taking care of myself, I live as someone who does not have RA. A few days ago I felt a little pain in my ankle, which reminded me of the terrible pains I lived with. But this pain was caused by nothing else than a change in the weather, and once in a while the small pains make me a "weather forecaster." They never last long and they remind me to thank God, Dr. Cicero Coimbra, Dr. Maira Jann, the moderators of the groups, as well as all my partners in this journey, for the new life I have with the use of high doses of vitamin D. To those who are in doubt whether or not to do the treatment I say two things: the first is there is no better option than this; the second is an advice in the sense that you should not try to solicit opinion from physicians who are not of the protocol, because in general they do not help at all. On the contrary, they put fear and doubts in people's heads. Here in the groups we find people with sufficient knowledge to clarify the doubts, or who can take the doubts to the protocol doctors; we also find solidarity and a huge crowd of people wishing for health. That's what I want for each of you."

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