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Gill CT - Multiple Sclerosis

Posted by Gill Ct, a patient from Ireland who has been on the Coimbra Protocol for MS for 5 years: "hi all, I haven’t been on Facebook much lately but would like to share some good news for the ones following the protocol. I recently had new MRIs done and results came back showing no progress. I’ve been on the protocol since diagnosed in January 2013 (5years) no progression since... normal life. I must say that I’ve never used any DMDs, but taken always a very proactive approach towards MS. I not only follow Coimbra’s protocol, but a very healthy lifestyle overall. My diet is mostly following the OMS diet, I exercise 4 times a week, take cold showers daily and in the last months I’ve added CBD oil too. Sometimes I medidate, although this needs to be improved. Hope this brings some hope to people in the beginning of the process, stick to it and you’ll be fine! All the best, G"

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