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Mr. Edson - 35 years with Multiple Sclerosis


Post by Aline Diniz Menezes in the Brazilian FB group (link below):

"Good night to all! My father, Mr. Edson, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis for more than 35 years, victim of various treatments of the pharmaceutical industry, using several high-cost medications for several years and without success, in 2015 was going to the wheelchair.... I managed to convince them - he and my mother - to try to improve his quality of life and we went to the first consultation with Dr Cicero Galli Coimbra, this brilliant Neurologist....

The first appointment was in 2015. Now in July was the fourth consultation... this photo taken on 07/26/18 (fourth consultation)

He could barely walk then, could not even walk 10 meters with the walker. He was falling a lot, becoming humped. His right leg was dragging. Today he raises both feet, he walked the whole airport with the walker without getting tired... and no more pains in the legs nor in the spine!!!

I have no words to describe how grateful we are. How many achievements, how remarkable is the result!!! Disease stabilized, and only now with quality of life!"

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