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Vivi Marchionatti - Multiple Sclerosis

This is Vivi Marchionatti, a Brazilian patient who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 7 years ago and has been on the Coimbra Protocol for 17 months. Vivi shared this post yesterday in one of the Brazilian groups and kindly allowed us to publish it on our site:

"Thank you to Dr.Ricardo Toledo, such an incredible doctor. Treatment for multiple sclerosis with Coimbra Protocol Vit D. Effective treatment, I have my life back.

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2011 when I experienced symptoms of numbness in the abdomen, blurred vision, burning on feet and hands. I did corticoid therapy for 5 days and started the conventional treatment with rebif, feeling all the side effects, mainly pain in my whole body. Then I did Aubagio and Tecfidera and sometimes I thought I was fine but I could not even travel for a few hours or even go to the movies because I was so tired.

I spent a year here in the group gathering courage (today I ask myself why I had courage to take rebif, aubagio, tecfidera, but took so long to decide to start the protocol). My doctor told me that vitamin D was just a placebo and that frightened me. He wanted to give me some other new crap that had just come out for MS but at that point I was exhausted. I met a girl who also follows the protocol, Thuany, a beautiful person who encouraged me. We met and talked in person and I remember she said: do not delay, you will have your life back, it's really another life.

Here I am a year and five months with the protocol and without any pain, without tingling, going to the beach, sunbathing, traveling, going to concerts and standing for hours on my feet, taking care of my house and very happy. Gratitude for this group, so happy you exist and that I can say that this treatment works, it pays to have discipline, and Dr. Toledo is a special human being who calms our soul and takes care of the real patient.

VitaminD is lifel Cheers! <3 Vivi"

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