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Dr. Lucila Arango - Multiple Sclerosis

This is Dr. Lucila Arango, from Colombia, a doctor and patient of the Coimbra Protocol. Dr. Lucila has just sent this message to Ana Claudia Domene (author of the book Multiple Sclerosis and (lots of) Vitamin D) and kindly allowed us to share it with you:

"Let me tell you briefly about my experience.

I was diagnosed with MS more than 20 years ago, in 1998. Since that time and aware of the absence of a real cure that halopathic medicine could offer and the multiple and serious side effects of their treatments, I opted for alternative treatments with which I achieved to remain almost asymptomatic for the next 12 years.

I am a Medical Psychiatrist, having worked with emotionally, seriously affected patients at first, later my practice was developed at the hospital level at the El Bosque Clinic in Bogotá with an interdisciplinary group for the management of general and chronic diseases, many of them of autoimmune origin.

Six years ago, after an emotionally traumatic event, I suffered a relapse that did not completely subside, generating many worries and fears, which remained with me until the day that, through my son, who had the opportunity to meet Daniel Cunha (producer of the documentary Vitamin D - for a different kind of treatment), I learned about the existence of the Coimbra Protocol and got to know its history.

Both Daniel and you, and your book, were my inspiration and the source of a new perspective on my life.

I have achieved improvement of most of my symptoms, but I can still improve... The best thing for me has been to share this knowledge and see how the lives of many patients have changed following the Coimbra Protocol.

My heartfelt thanks to Doctor Cicero Coimbra.

A hug, Lucila."

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