Stefanie Westermann - Lupus and Scleroderma

June 19, 2019


Testimony of Stefanie Westermann on the North American protocol group (link below). Stefanie is a German patient who's been following the Coimbra Protocol for 15 months, for Lupus and Scleroderma. 

" Hi. My name is Stefanie. 13 years ago I was diagnosed with SLE and Skleroderma. 2014 I was in a coma because of Leucopenia and had lost my kidney function because of sepsis.

2018, March I startet the Protocol. After 3 days I felt the first improvement. My power in muscles was back. 
After 3 Months I had the perfect PTH. I startet with a good PTH, so it was only a short way to destiny.

4 months ago I tried to live Lectinfree. Now I only don't eat Gluten. 
I think Protocol plus Glutenfree was my way to get in Remission. My Ana's are down! First time after 13 years. 

Before I got Azathioprin, Rituximab, Endoxan and Prednisolon (Cortico). Doctors tried everything pharma can give but nothing really worked.

I'm now reducing medicine slowly. I couldn't go in the sun because of dangerous flares. Now I only use my hat and Sun Blocker with short Sun Clothes
My skin gets color for first time in 13 years <3. In September I start to study and will go to work after it.

I do everything I could not do in my young years. That's really a wonder! Doctors told me with 23 that I will live till I'm 25!!!!! I'm 36 and begin to live a normal life!!! No pain, no fatigue, no depression, stable kidneys again and a happy and healthy life!"


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