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Dani Zadra - Neuromyelitis Optica (NMO) or Devic's Disease

This is Dani Zadra, a patient with NMO (Devic's Disease), who's been following the Coimbra Protocol for 7 years. Devic's is considered a "cousin" of MS, but a more aggressive disease, with the prognosis of blindness or paralysis (or both) after 5 years of diagnosis. Dani left this testimony in the Brazilian protocol group (link below): "Wow!! Busy day! But here's the summary I promised you! LOL I was diagnosed with NMO in February 2012, on my 3rd relapse, which led me to a tetraparesis, a 9-day hospitalization and many physiotherapy sessions. After the hospitalization, the conventional treatment was started, a lot of physical therapy and rehabilitation ... Anyway ... all the daily struggle of those who do the conventional treatment. In September 2012, I started my treatment with the protocol. And that was when I was "born again"... With 10 days of treatment I was able to return to work and resumed my life in every way! I had loss of vision on the left eye as a consequence of the use of high-power corticosteroids, which led to a drug induced cataract in my left eye. In February 2013, using only the vitamins, I went through cataract and glaucoma surgery, also caused also by the use of steroids, and thank God, everything went well! Now, life is good, strict treatment with vitamins, lots of water, and in 2015 I got married... How much stress ... But I sailed through it all! And in April 2017, SURPRISE!!! A baby on the way... Too much emotion, a lot of anxiety ... And how healthy am I now?? I'm better than before... had a very calm gestation and in December 2017, God blessed us with a little princess! How many changes... My baby is 1 year and 4 months old and is very beautiful, healthy, smart and active!!!! And basically I spend all day chasing after her... Now that she's finally sleeping, I wrote this summary of the almost 7 years of blessings and joys, which I know I have only been able to experience because I went in search of a treatment that only does us well. And how much wellness does this treatment bring us... Kisses to everyone!!!" Group:

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