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Jessica Melo - Multiple Sclerosis

Post by Jessica Melo, patient with multiple sclerosis: "When I discovered multiple sclerosis in 2015, I was in the 2nd year of accounting, but my great dream had always been to study veterinary medicine (which at the time I could not do for financial reasons). With the arrival of the disease, and with the news coming from the doctors and nurses that it would not be long before I was in a wheelchair, I decided that since I didn't have too much time, I should follow my dream. I prepared for 6 months, between the comings and goings to and from doctors and steroids and immunosuppressants sessions, and I got a 100% scholarship for the best private college of Veterinary Medicine in Brazil. From the beginning my doctor did not like the idea and asked me not to deal with animals because of my low immunity (I had tried all the biologicals and was doing chemo!). But even so, I was living a dream, until I received the news that only the chemo would not work and we would have to associate with more corticosteroids and immunosuppressants and, with that, I would be very debilitated, I would have to apply for retirement (already I could not work at the time), stop college, and be locked at home with a mask because I would reach a maximum level of immunosuppression! Since then I have decided that this was not for me and that if I had won a gift from God as a career I love, it was because I should exercise it in the best way. And then I met an angel, @psicologatalitha, who introduced me to the Coimbra Protocol! Already in my first appointment I heard that I would still work a lot in my life, I should not stop dedicating myself to what I love and that my life would be totally different from then on! And was that not the truth? Today I work as head of the perishables department of the Carrefour grocery stores, and at weekends I work in veterinary hospitals, doing what I always wanted. I have only a year left until I graduate, and everything I've been through is just a reminder of a time when they said I had multiple sclerosis!"

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