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Karine Metzger - Multiple Sclerosis

Beautiful, heartfelt testimony by Karine Metzger, a patient with multiple sclerosis who follows the Coimbra Protocol since 2012. Thank you Karine, for updating us in your experience with the Protocol! "As many of you know, I was living in Brazil (the country of my dreams). There I was diagnosed with MS and started the Coimbra Protocol in 2012. Since the beginning, I was certain, the CP was the right thing to do. Changing my diet wasn’t that hard, as the food in Brazil isn’t based on dairy products (like it is in Germany, for example). Finding the right dose of Vitamins and other supplements took a while, as I had 2 babies in 3 years. My two kids are very healthy and well developed. I followed the CP during both of the pregnancies and felt really well. Of course I followed the diet (Calcium!) and exercised regularly. Cool side effect: I’ve lost 12 kg. For the following years some of the symptoms rarely reemerged for a very short time, when I was very exhausted or really stressed out, which was normal (said my Doctor, while reminding me always to slow a bit down). In 2016 I felt some of the old symptoms got worse. My lovely doctor Maira told me, it was useless to take my pills, follow the diet, if I didn’t get enough rest and kept freaking out with stuff. So I decided to slow down once again. (Some background details: we just had bought a house and were in full renovation mode, I had had my baby boy, my husband had switched jobs and was writing his master’s thesis). The thing is, I was feeling so healthy, that I’d exaggerated a bit. In 2017 everything was great, kids sleeping well, house finished, jobs and health excellent. But Brazil was not. So we decided to move to Germany. Which kind of broke my heart a little, cause my life dream was to live in Brazil forever, which I had to let go. We set 18 months to prepare. As it was emotionally very hard for me, I went back to see a Psychologist in order to handle the big move. We were moving in December 2018. In November my father died. It was a nightmare. We were planning Christmas together. He died 3 weeks before our move. So we went to Germany: funeral, family, organizing stuff, crying a lot. Back to Brazil I had a knee surgery. 10 days later I took my crutches, 12 big suitcases, two kids, husband and entered the plane back to my new/old home. I had to be strong to help my children and my husband adapt in their new country. No more Brazil. No more help in the house, no more 300 days of sunshine, sushi delivery, doctors who answer via whatsapp…and suddenly cream and cheese and milk everywhere :-/ . But I did it. I felt strong and healthy and despite the emotional roller coaster, my health kept stable. I felt the energy to get things done and to resettle everything. Why am I telling you all of this? Because I am so deeply thankful. That I happened to be in the right country at the right time (diagnosed in the CP country 😊) . That I had the privilege to get to know the CP right from the beginning. That I got diagnosed in 24h. That the CP makes it possible to have a normal, active and happy life. It might sound weird, but my life after my diagnose only got better. As teenager I used to have depression and lack of energy. I stumbled and fell a lot. With the CP I am a better person. I now take care of myself and of others in a better way. I am mindful and thankful and appreciate the little things in life. The CP opened a new chapter in my life. Dr. Cicero Galli Coimbra is my personal angel. Today I live in Germany with my husband and my two kids. We have a house full of stairs and a huge garden. Soon I’ll be working full time again. I am happy and thankful and since 2017 symptom-free. I wish you guys all the best. Lots of patience and courage. Best regards, Karine" Here's a previous testimony by Karine, from Jan/2017:

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