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Pedro Lucas - Atopic Dermatitis

his is Pedro Lucas, patient with atopic dermatitis following the Coimbra Protocol. His mother talks about his experience with the disease and the treatment in this recent interview to a Brazilian newspaper. "Seeing Pedro Lucas Rosas, 11, smiling in the photos now and planning to start swimming, it's hard to believe how the boy's life was a little more than a year ago. Diagnosed with severe atopic dermatitis since three months of age, Pedro was treated with corticosteroids, light baths and immunosuppressants, all of these treatments, according to his mother, nurse Paula Rosas, 34, with only temporary effects. "The drugs took him out of the crisis, but when the weaning began the dermatitis became even worse" , she recalls. With more and more frequent crises, Pedro stopped going to school. Because of the fragility of the skin, walking was difficult. The dermis peeled and opened in painful wounds. Sleeping was an itchy act, and even light breeze hurt him. All the folds on the boy's body, even the eyelids, lived in raw flesh, Paula and the photos of the period are witnesses. As a last alternative, the mother learned of the vitamin D treatment given in Fortaleza by the doctor Jonas Moura Araújo, PhD, student in Pharmacology and with training in the Coimbra Protocol. "Pedro developed an allergy to immunosuppressants, after which his previous doctor said that she couldn't do anything else for him, that all we had was palliative care. She told us to try vitamin D and after that try the immunosuppressants once more." In a week with high doses of vitamin, which today is 60 thousand IU, Paula remembers that Pedro was able to sleep without itching. Three months later, on returning to the Dr. Jonas Moura, 90% of the boy's body was already free of dermatitis. This is one of about 100 cases of autoimmune diseases that Dr. Moura attends in the state of Ceará, quarterly. Unable to arouse the interest of other doctors for the treatment of autoimmune diseases with vitamin D, Dr. Jonas comes every three months from the state of Piauí to the capital of Ceará. "Of course, the results and the speed varies from person to person, because there are other factors involved. But we can improve a lot from the symptoms and greatly reduce the disease activity with vitamin D," the protocol doctor reports.

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