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Sofia Coelho - Sjogren's Syndrome

This is Sofia Coelho, patient with Sjogren’s syndrome who follows the Coimbra Protocol since 2014. Sofia published this on the French protocol group (link below) and kindly allowed us to share it on our page: “Good evening and thank you for adding me to your group. 🙂 happy to share with you. I'm Portuguese and I live in Lisbon. I've been in the protocol since December 2014 for Sjögren’s syndrome. It's been a long time since I took drugs (Methotrexate, corticosteroid / Deflazacort, Salagen, pregabalin, etc.) I only take vitamin D and other supplements that are part of the Coimbra Protocol(and also omega 7). My symptoms, which were very serious and numerous (dryness, inflammation of joints and fatigue, among others) begun to improve since the third day of treatment. Today 99,9 % of the symptoms are gone. I can only strongly advise this treatment... followed by a doctor of the coimbra protocol, of course. 🙂”

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