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Yara C. - Multiple Sclerosis

Beautiful testimony by Yara, patient with multiple sclerosis that follows the Coimbra Protocol for 10 years: "A decade with the Coimbra Protocol In the first photo, 11 years ago, a Yara completely destroyed by Multiple Sclerosis: very swollen by corticoids, with eating disorders and 43 kg more; lack of motor coordination on the left side of the body, poor eyesight, blurred speech, dizziness 24hours a day, 7 days a week, tingling all over the body, excruciating pain (trigeminal neuralgia), fear, hopelessness, side effects of drugs even worse than the disease itself (Copaxone + cyclophosphamide, a chemotherapeutic). Infinite gratitude, Dr. Cicero Coimbra, for taking me in the worst moment of my life, for getting me out of the darkness and for making me understand that the disease would be turned off with vitamin D, but that my health depended only on me. While doctors at the Hospital das Clínicas in Sao Paulo prescribed me 16 tablets a day, you made me understand that I did not depend on them to be well, and slowly I took none. And gradually all those symptoms disappeared (except for a strong bilateral tinnitus, my first symptom decades ago, due to a temporal lobe lesion). A lot of time passed between the first photo and the second. It was a slow and very painful process, that of eliminating excess weight through physical activity and food re-education - which without the health and vitality that the Coimbra Protocol gave me, would not be possible - and that of eliminating my problems from my life, emotional reactions to the disease, activating my "bad" genes (we all have "good" and "bad" genes). It was a slow process, but I did it! I got it I got it, because it's a process. And you know what? There is a lot of beauty in this process, a lot of beauty in this journey. Between the first and second pictures there is such a transformation that I sincerely would not give up anything, even with so many difficulties and absurd suffering. That is what it is about: growth and learning, and anyone who insists on not understanding this runs the risk of going through this life on the margins of herself. Infinite gratitude to Dr. Cicero Galli Coimbra, and my mother. She left 20 years ago, but somehow I do not know how to explain, she's been with me all the time. " Testimony on the Spanish Protocol page:

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