April 9, 2017

 This is Daniel Cunha, a journalist who has MS and has produced the video " Vitamin D - for an alternate therapy." Daniel has been on the Coimbra protocol for 7 years and this is an update on how his treatment is progressing.

"My name is Daniel Cunha, I'm 30 years old and was diagnosed with MS at the end of 2009 after a major flare up, with a variety of neurological symptoms. I was admitted to the hospital, took corticoids and recovered completely after about a month and a half.


Then, on the recommendation of several doctors, I began the conventional treatment with weekly injections of Avonex. It was terrible. I experienced many side effects at each application, I used to lose two days every week because I felt so ill from the...

April 6, 2017

This is Juliana Vinagre, who was diagnosed with MS 16 years ago, in 2000. After her diagnosis she took avonex and had many corticosteroids sessions, for she had an average of 4 relapses a year. Finally, in February of 2006 she began following the Coimbra Protocol. It's been more than 10 years since Juliana started treating her MS exclusively with high doses of vitamin D, and here is a post she has shared recently on her Instagram page:
julianavinagre💦 Practicing a sport can change us, rescue us, strengthen us, enhance us, entertain us ... Today i am happy because I chose swimming, 🏊🏼 my greatest passion ❤️!
And I was able to get here only because I had the great fortune of finding the treatment with high doses of vitamin D an...

April 5, 2017


"I didn't trust the treatment with high doses of vitamin D!

Throughout my more than 30 years of conventional treatments for Rheumatoid Arthritis, I went through some disappointments trying alternative treatments. A friend of mine, who has Spondylitis, had to insist with me for over a year, until I decided to try the treatment with high doses of vitamin D.

I confess that I still didn't believe when I scheduled an appointment with a doctor that follows the Coimbra Protocol, but I went to my appointment ... Only after that I really started to research the subject, I had many doubts but I was eager to be free of the side effects of conventional drugs, even if only for a short period. I liked my appointment a great deal, and...

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